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Go Beyond Your Merlin Membership By Joining a Trade Association

Trade Associations (TAs) support independents by offering advocacy, education, and community resources. 

TAs are a vital component of the independent music ecosystem, operating as a global network consisting of independent labels, distributors, and rightsholders from localized regions around the world. WIN (Worldwide Independent Network) connects and supports the global network of independent music trade associations.

How Do Merlin Members Benefit from Trade Association Membership?

While Merlin and global TAs are aligned on many goals, our day to day objectives and types of support differ. Merlin works to secure premium deals and opportunities with digital partners, while TAs:

Develop member skills & knowledge via programs, conferences, and educational resources.

Connect members with key industry partners.

Represent independents within the music industry, media, governmental, and legislative bodies.

Champion independents via awards and charts.

Lead trade missions and access to international markets.

Research local independent music markets and product data and reports.

Support members with specialized services.

Maximize Your Merlin Membership By Joining a Trade Association

Merlin is proud to work closely with TAs to support independents around the world. Merlin members who belong to a TA receive a 1.5% admin fee (discounted from 3%). If there are no trade associations yet active in your home territory, Merlin members from such countries will also receive the 1.5% admin fee.

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