About - Merlin

Mission Driven

Merlin was founded in 2008 as a means for the independent music sector to secure their digital futures.

We’re a mission-driven organization, with our entire international team aligned with a singular goal:

Ensuring the world’s leading independents have access to the deals, tools, and opportunities to succeed in the digital marketplace.

Our Values

Enable Independence

  • Our top priority is helping our members stay independent while competing with the largest music companies in our industry.

Celebrate our Achievements and Our Members’ Achievements

  • We celebrate our members’ teams, music, and accomplishments.
  • Making space to celebrate our achievements amidst our daily grind keeps us centered and enables us to accomplish more.

Build a Culture of
Shared Ownership

  • We all contribute to the success of Merlin and in driving value to our members.

Our Culture

Global Mindset

At Merlin, having a Global Mindset is defined by more than just hiring talent worldwide. We foster a dynamic, inclusive, and innovative environment by recruiting culturally additive individuals who bring diverse perspectives and experiences to our organization.

Growth & Development

We’re invested in our people and celebrate learning, curiosity, and development through continuing education. We empower our employees by providing them with the resources to embrace new challenges, while giving them the flexibility to take ownership of their journey.

Distributed Work

We believe that an important piece of having a global mindset is supporting a flexible work environment that empowers our employees to perform at their best. This furthers our ability to best support our members. 

For this reason, Merlin has implemented a distributed work approach that enables our employees to make prudent decisions about a workstyle that is most productive to them. We provide our people with the necessary tools and resources to seamlessly connect with their team members, Merlin members, and our partners, whether remote or in-person.

We also understand the importance of in-person connection beyond just collaboration, but also as a means to build understanding and empathy for each other. This is why teams regularly engage in cross functional meetups, enjoy shared experiences at conferences, and host team outings.

Finally, we are dedicated to creating an environment that makes it possible for our employees to thrive in their work while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

The Merlin Team

Meet the talented and dynamic team behind Merlin who operate under one mission – Enabling and supporting members in the ever-evolving music industry.

Adam Wright CFO United Kingdom

Akira Nomoto GM, Japan & SEA Japan

Alice Moss Senior Manager, Member Operations Germany

Apostolos Koutronas Senior Developer, Technology and Business Solutions United Kingdom

Bela Zecker Director, Membership Development & Engagement United States

Ben Sperling Coordinator, Member & Partner Success United States

Caitie Sarnie Technical Operations Manager United States

Carol Zuma-Hall Financial Controller United Kingdom

Chaida Kapfunde Senior Director, Technology & Business Solutions United Kingdom

Charlie Lexton COO United Kingdom

Chris Tarbet Senior Director, Commercial Partnerships United Kingdom

Daniele Yandel Senior Manager, Member Operations United States

Emma Robinson Senior Director, Member Operations United Kingdom

Emillia Walsh Paralegal United Kingdom

Gary Watson Director, Data Operations United Kingdom

Grace Styles Management Accountant United Kingdom

Hasan Ali Finance Assistant United Kingdom

James Choo Finance Manager United Kingdom

Jeremy Sirota CEO United States

Jim Mahoney SVP, Member & Partner Success United States

Joe Mercer Danher Senior Manager, Member Relations United Kingdom

Joseph Cortes Senior Reporting Coordinator United Kingdom

Katie Eckett Senior Manager, Business & Legal Affairs United Kingdom

Maria Lavric Data Operations Manager United Kingdom

Mariah Mu Coordinator, Member and Partners Thailand

Marta de la Hoz Director, Business Analytics United Kingdom

Martin Vovk Director, Insights United Kingdom

Matt Price Data Engineer United Kingdom

Matt Rose Marketing Manager United States

Mili Payne Senior Royalty Coordinator United Kingdom

Molly Kempen Reporting Coordinator United Kingdom

Nick Cashmore Senior Reporting Manager United Kingdom

Nico Loubser Lead Software Developer United Kingdom

Pavan Vasdev Director, Strategy & Growth United States

Poppy Waring Senior Manager, Commercial Partnerships United Kingdom

Quentin Martins Senior Manager, Commercial Partnerships United Kingdom

Rosie Reeves Reporting Manager United Kingdom

Ryan McWhinnie Vice President, Business & Legal Affairs United Kingdom

Savannah Puleston Operations and Events Coordinator United Kingdom

Shannon Bradley Senior Manager, Commercial Partnerships United States

Shrina Patel Senior Director, Business and Legal Affairs United Kingdom

Simon Marcel Coordinator, Member & Partnerships United Kingdom

Simon Stride Development Manager United Kingdom

Tom White Senior Coordinator, Business Analytics United Kingdom

Vincent Moyo Director, Commercial Finance United Kingdom

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