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Our Mission

Ensuring the world’s leading independents have access to the deals, tools, and opportunities to succeed in the digital marketplace.


Merlin is the independent’s digital music licensing partner. We’ve negotiated deals with Apple, Facebook, Spotify, TikTok, YouTube, and 40 other innovative platforms around the world. Our global membership represents 15% of the recorded music market, from independent record labels to distributors, and from artist management companies to other rightsholders. We are a mission-driven organization that operates like a not-for-profit and is funded entirely by our members at a 1.5% admin fee. Merlin’s world-class relationships, white-glove support, and suite of partnerships helps independents compete at the highest level.

For press queries only, please contact:
Dawn Kamerling


The primary Merlin company logo is the one-color black version of the Merlin wordmark. The reversed, white logo is also available. Special edition logos are also available. 

The Merlin “M” icon may also be used in place of the primary logo when there is limited space or in other special circumstances, subject to approval by Merlin. The icon is also available in black and white. 

Do not skew, distort, or change the shape of the Merlin logo in any way in any version.

In some cases, there may be special edition logos that may be available, such as logos celebrating Merlin anniversaries. Those logos are available by request and should only be used in select circumstances.


Merlin’s company type is Helvetica Neue. When Helvetica Neue is not available, plain Helvetica can be used as a substitute. 

Merlin does not use any ‘PRO’ or ‘STD’ foundry licensed version of Helvetica Neue, with the exception being the optional use of Helvetica Neue Lt Pro Bold Outline. We primarily use versions preinstalled in our operating systems.

The following typefaces are to be used as per the Merlin branding guidelines. 

Helvetica Neue. Roman
Helvetica Neue. Bold
Helvetica Neue. Black
Helvetica Neue. Bold Outline


Merlin’s brand colors are black and white. We also use a blue accent color to draw attention to important content.

When showcasing, talking about, or representing our members or partners, you must use accent colors that comply with that company’s brand guidelines (in addition to our core black and white colors).

Black #000000
Blue #4C94F7

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