Technology - Merlin

Unlock the Full Value of Merlin with Wizard

A cutting-edge interface to help Merlin members manage their Merlin membership and control their digital rights.

User-Friendly Deal Management

Manage your Merlin deals, learn about our partnerships, and get transparency into deal terms before deciding to opt-in. 

Efficient Reporting and Payments

Easily track your royalty data, access in-depth reports, and manage financial information to ensure accurate, on time payments.

Intuitive User Management

You control who from your company has access to what level of information and who receives Merlin communications. Types of users include:

  • AdminManage company info, users, and communications. 
  • Business – Access deal terms and commercially sensitive information.
  • Delivery – Access to integration, technical specs, rights management, and delivery information.
  • Finance – Access financial information, invoices, and royalty reports.
  • Marketing – Access marketing benefits, pitching forms, and other bespoke opportunities.
  • Reporting – Access royalty and trends reporting.

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