The Path to Merlin Membership

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We’re excited you’re interested in learning more about joining Merlin. In order to potentially qualify for membership, applicants need to satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Your digital rights are free from obligations to third parties.

You must control your digital rights free from obligations to third parties like distributors or licensors.

  1. You can professionally deliver your content to digital music services. 

Merlin is not a distributor. This means Merlin does not deliver your music, metadata, and assets to digital partners. You must deliver your own content and meet the professional specifications of each digital music service, either through an in-house delivery solution or via a third party delivery service (such as AudioSalad, CI, FUGA, Labelcamp, Revelator, Sonosuite, etc.)

If you are working with a third party delivery service, you must secure a means of delivery prior to joining Merlin. That means you must be an active client and have your content loaded into your delivery provider’s platform prior to applying to Merlin.

  1. You have the experience and resources to manage direct relationships with digital partners.

Members need to have the internal resources to (a) manage direct relationships with digital partners, (b) run their own marketing campaigns, (c) ingest and process raw reports, and (d) translate trends data into accessible analytics.

  1. Consider joining a Trade Association.

Merlin members who are also members of trade associations receive a 1.5% admin fee (discounted from 3%). If there are no trade associations yet active in your home country, Merlin members from such countries also receive the 1.5% admin fee. To learn more about how joining a trade association can help maximize your membership, click here.

  1. Submit your member application. 

Click here to submit a membership application. Once you have submitted your form, you will receive an automated response with next steps.

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