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The Path to Merlin Membership

Before applying for Merlin membership, please read below to make sure you qualify by satisfying the following requirements: 

1. Your Digital Rights Are Free from Obligations to Third Parties

You must control digital rights free from obligation to third parties like distributors or other licensors. 

2. You Can Professionally Deliver Your Content to Digital Music Services

Merlin is not a distributor, meaning Merlin does not deliver your music, metadata, and assets to digital partners. You must deliver your own content and meet the professional specifications of each digital music service, either via a third party delivery service or through an in-house delivery solution. Once you are working with a professional supply chain provider, you must be an active client and have your content loaded into your delivery provider’s platform prior to submitting an application. Merlin will not approve membership for companies that still need to secure their delivery solution.

3. You Have Demonstrable Experience and Resources to Manage Direct Relationships With Digital Partners

Prospective Merlin members need to have the internal resources to:

  • Manage direct relationships with digital partners. 
  • Implement quality control protocols. 
  • Run their own marketing campaigns. 
  • Ingest and process raw data reports. 
  • Translate trends data into accessible analytics. 

4. Consider Joining a Trade Association

While not a requirement to become a Merlin member, we strongly recommend you join a Trade Association, if available in your country, before applying for membership. Merlin members who are members of Trade Associations receive a 1.5% admin fee, discounted from 3% for those who are not Trade Association members (also 1.5% if there is no TA active in your territory). To learn more about Merlin’s relationship with Trade Associations, click here.

How to Apply

If you meet Merlin’s membership requirements, submit an application for consideration below. Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee Merlin membership. The Merlin team reviews all applications, but only proceeds with applicants who clearly meet our membership qualifications. 

Merlin was created to support the world’s most significant and sophisticated independents; companies who have a proven track record of successfully managing direct relationships with digital partners. Due to the number of applications received, only those who are being considered for membership will be contacted by the Merlin team within 30 days of submitting your application.

You are always welcome to submit a new application for reconsideration as your business grows or when you can provide information that better supports your ability to qualify for and succeed as a Merlin member.

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