Merlin Engage Program Launches Second Cohort to Foster the Next Generation of Female Music Leaders - Merlin

Merlin Engage Program Launches Second Cohort to Foster the Next Generation of Female Music Leaders

Merlin, the independent’s digital music licensing partner, proudly announces the launch of the second cohort of its Merlin Engage mentorship program, set to kick off on March 20, 2024. After a highly successful inaugural session, Merlin Engage is expanding its horizons with an increased number of mentors and mentees, welcoming Miriam Meima as the new facilitator, and introducing enriching opportunities like a public speaking workshop specifically designed for alumni.

The Merlin Engage program underscores Merlin’s commitment to shaping the future of female leaders in the independent music sector. This initiative pairs executive-level mentors with the next generation of talent, creating a unique environment for growth, learning, and empowerment. With the addition of new resources and expanded participation, the second cohort promises to offer even more comprehensive support to its participants.

The second iteration of Merlin Engage will feature expanded opportunities for growth and leadership, highlighting Merlin’s dedication to foster a supportive and inclusive music industry. The inclusion of Meima as a facilitator brings a wealth of experience in leadership development and coaching, enhancing the program’s impact on its participants. Merlin is also thrilled to introduce a public speaking workshop for Merlin Engage alumni, further supporting the professional development of its past participants and signifying a deepened investment in the long-term success of its mentees.

Megan Jasper, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SubPop and a former mentor in the program, shared her enthusiasm for the initiative: “Merlin Engage has been a transformative experience, not just for the mentees but for mentors as well. Witnessing the growth and development of these incredible women has been profoundly rewarding. The expansion of the program is a testament to its success and the ongoing importance of empowering female leaders in our industry.”

Zoe Davis, Label Manager at Lex Records, and a former mentee, also reflected on her journey: “Merlin Engage offered me an unparalleled platform for professional development and learning. The guidance and insights from my mentor have been invaluable, propelling my career forward. I’m excited for the new cohort and the continued evolution of this wonderful program.”

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