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Getting to Know Wizard 2.0 With Merlin Product Manager Mel Zacks

We sat down with Merlin Product Manager Mel Zacks to discuss the latest version of Wizard, Wizard 2.0.

How would you describe Wizard for someone who has never used it before? 

MZ: Wizard is the tool that our Members use to manage their reporting, invoices, partner deal participation and company details. Members have access to Wizard 24/7/365 which means they are always up to date with the latest deals and reporting.

We’re rolling out a new version of Wizard. What did you set out to achieve with this new version? 

MZ: The previous version of the Wizard was using much older technology that had restrictions for further development. We re-built a new version using modern technology which allows us to scale based on the needs of our Members. The vision is for our Members to have a more self-service application, where they can manage their Membership and where we can introduce more automation that will improve their efficiency.

What do you think the immediate impact will be for Merlin Members? Why should they be excited about it? 

MZ: Improved user experience! By improving the design and flow of Wizard, Members can find the information they are looking for much quicker. We also added self-service elements.

Can you tell us some of your favorite new features in Wizard? 

MZ: I love that Wizard is a self-service tool, and Members can access their reporting and invoices in one place, which makes reconciling more efficient. Our streamlined deal management section allows our members to access all available deals, including deals they may not have previously opted-into, and can easily request to take part in those deals. The music industry is fast-paced and Merlin’s new Wizard can scale fast to ensure that we grow with our Members.

How and where can users learn more about using Wizard? 

MZ: We are planning an upcoming webinar session for our members where we will go through every section of Wizard and talk through all of the updates and changes. Within Wizard, we have also added a help center with a User Guide that will be updated on a regular basis where Members can learn about new features and general updates.

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