MySpace Merlin Announcement – Q&A

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Can you describe this comprehensive deal between MSM and Merlin?
The commercial terms are confidential, of course, but we can tell you that it includes:

  1. .Merlin’s member labels will now be eligible to market, promote, and monetize their content on MySpace Music, get enhanced data surrounding the activity on the Site, and be able to improve the connections between Merlin Label Artists and their fans.
  2. A Merlin nominee has been invited to attend and participate in an agreed schedule of MySpace Music board meetings
  3. MySpace Music is launching a plan enabling the Merlin labels to participate in and benefit from the financial growth of MySpace Music. This has long been important to securing Merlin’s participation. The plan will also be made available to other independent labels who license content to MySpace Music.
What are the benefits for MySpace?

The addition of the Merlin repertoire, representing 10% of the global music market, to MySpace Music’s existing catalogue will create one of the largest independent music offerings on the web. MySpace Music will also benefit from the input of a Merlin nominee participating in Board Meetings.

What are the benefits for Merlin?

Merlin labels will be able to monetize their content within the MySpace community and participate in the long term value that they bring to the service. They will be eligible for participation in various promotional programs MSM offers, and easily track their fan engagement via the MySpace Artist Dashboard.

When will Merlin’s music catalogue be available?

Merlin has a huge catalog and we will have it up and available to MySpace Music’s users as soon as possible.

What Merlin labels are popular on MySpace?

In the USA, Canada and UK, legendary and market leading companies such as Beggars Group, Domino, E1 Music (Previously Koch Records), Epitaph, Tommy Boy, Cooking Vinyl, !K7, Yep Rock, True North, Kill Rock Stars, Earache and One Little Indian as well as European powerhouses Naïve, Wagram, Blanco Y Negro, Galileo, Playground, Edel and Kontor Records and Australia’s Inertia and Shock Records, (to name just a few).

Does Merlin now have a MySpace Music Board position?

A Merlin nominee has been invited by MySpace Music to attend and participate in an agreed schedule of MySpace Music
Board meetings.

What does an agreed schedule of Board meetings mean?

It means not every meeting. While Merlin nominees will take a leading role in the independent participation on the Board, other representatives for the Independent Community will also be invited to attend and participate in Board Meetings from time to time.

Has MySpace offered Merlin equity in MSM?

Neither MySpace Music nor Merlin discuss any specific deal terms publicly.

Why did it take so long for Merlin to join MySpace Music?

Merlin has maintained that it would not participate in MySpace Music without an appropriate upside opportunity as outlined in the new participation plan. Each deal is unique and takes time to structure, and both parties are excited that Merlin has joined.

MySpace Music On Their Indie Participation Plan

How does the plan work?

Out of respect for all our music partners, we’re not disclosing the details. But the top line view is that the plan allows Merlin, and all independent labels who license content to MySpace Music, an opportunity to participate in and benefit from the financial growth of MySpace Music with very minimal threshold qualifications.

Why is MySpace doing this?

We’re doing this as a way to recognize the contribution of indie labels and artists to our business and to allow them the
opportunity to get skin in the game.

What are the qualifications to participate in this plan? Who can join?

Any aggregator, or any label that is not owned or co-owned by an equity owner of MSM, can join.

How do you join?

Indies automatically become eligible for participation in the plan when they license their music to MySpace Music (either directly license or through an aggregator).

Does this plan now change the way you promote and support Indies?

No, we’ve always supported Indies on MySpace Music and will continue to do so.

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