We are Member Driven and Music Focused

Our mission is simple – help the world's leading independents to own their digital business

About Us!

At Merlin, we value the different perspectives, diversity of experiences, and broad range of musical tastes that each Merliner brings to our company.
We care about the impact we have on our colleagues, our members, and our digital partners.
We’re proud of the culture we have built — our employees are involved, engaged, and trusted by our senior leadership.
We understand that, together, we each play an important role in the success of Merlin, our independent members, and driving agains a common mission:
Celebrating Music and Enabling Our Members

Working At Merlin

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Meet Our Team

As a member led and music focused organization, the Merlin team supports our members and our partners. Merlin has resources in London, New York, North Carolina, and Tokyo, but we think locally, regionally, and globally.

Joining the record industry 15 years ago for the music then falling in love with the business, his passion is helping creative people fulfill their entrepreneurial potential. A 25 year finance career detouring through film, TV and music publishing before recorded music, including executive roles at Universal and Sony. It’s now an absolute privilege to be working to support independents across the breadth of the Merlin membership

Adam Wright, CFO, London

2019年入社(Merlin以前、ソニーミュージック、iTunes Japan、Spotifyに勤務)。日本と世界の音楽産業間のビジネスを活性化することに情熱を注いでいます!初めてのライブ:RCサクセション

Akira Nomoto, GM, Japan & SEA, Japan

Merlin has improved my music appreciation beyond all recognition! Love cooking, walking, gardening and playing tennis. New skill acquired this year: kayaking on the river amongst the swans, beautiful.

Annie Eagland, Financial Accountant, London

Flew from Greece, and driven by my passion for solving problems with powerful tools, landed in Merlin where we build innovative solutions for the music industry. Love a good riddle and a good salsa! First album ever purchased is Green Day - American idiot, and of course if I'm not in the office you'll probably find me either chatting with friends or on the dance floor!

Apostolos Koutronas, Software Developer, London

I'm a classically trained violist who fell backwards into the music industry nearly 13 years ago. I fell in love with exploring, understanding, and democratizing content and metadata and have never looked back. I'm often filling my time outside of work with buying too many records, baking, or making questionable crafts with my kids.

Caitie Sarnie, Technical Operations Manager, North Carolina

Over 15 years’ experience in the tech world as a software developer, programme manager and leading an organisations technical strategy. I’ve also always had a passion for creativity, finding ways to express myself through music and writing code.

Chaida Kapfunde, Director, Technology & Business Solutions, London

Business-oriented, commercially astute entertainment industry executive. Specialist in exploitation of music/digital rights. Over 20 years’ industry experience in the international music industry. Highly numerate and creative problem solver. Experienced and effective negotiator. History of successfully leading complex and high value negotiations. Long term participant in the transformation of the music industry from a physical to digital business.

Charlie Lexton, COO, London

Long time music-obsessive, record collector, promoter and technology geek. Forever thankful to have the opportunity to turn these passions into a career and proud to work with the incredible breadth of music that passes through the Merlin membership.

Chris Tarbet, Director, Commercial Partnerships, London

Formerly a recording and touring musician and label co-founder who's happy to still be working in independent music, donning a new hat here at Merlin. I love poetry, sci-fi, thrifting, and long walks through Queens in search of delicious foods.

Daniele Yandel, Manager, Member & Partner Success, New York

A childhood obsession with only tolerating music made 20+ years before I was born, I’ve luckily broadened my music tastes quite a lot since then and am known for keeping extensive lists of my favourite new artists. I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to celebrate independence on a daily basis and love working with our fantastic members. When I’m not at work, you can find me down the pub.

Emma Robinson, Director, Member Operations, London

Full-time music lover and part-time law student, I am fortunate to be able to pursue a career that merges two of my passions. Hailing from South Africa, my music taste stretches from Kwaito to Kurt Cobain and everything in between. When I’m not working or studying, you can find me watching (and rewatching) Ru Paul’s Drag Race or cooking up a storm.

Emma Cooper, Paralegal, Business and Legal Affairs, London

Started at an indie (Roadrunner Records), which reminds me of the common dedication and passion for music people had over there. Being able to represent and support this side of the business two decades later again is super exciting.

Floris van Dam, Vice President, Reporting & Insights. Zwolle, The Netherlands

I am a finance graduate with an incredibly broad music taste. You’ll find me listening to anything from pop to southern rock to musical soundtracks, and everything in between. When I’m not at work I enjoy trying new restaurants and cocktail bars, or going on forest walks with my dog.

Grace Styles, Finance Assistant, London

An Accounting and Finance Graduate who joined Merlin in September 2022. Working in the Media industry for many years as an Accounts Assistant, it was time to experience a different sector. I’ve been listening to Music since the age of 13 with my favourite genre being British hip hop. In my spare time I’m either at the gym, playing football or at home watching movies/series.

Hasan Ali, Finance Assistant, London

Picked up a guitar at 15 and now almost have more guitars than I have fingers! Avid foodie and wannabe home cook so I'm always in the kitchen rustling something up. I enjoy many genres but I'm usually nodding to metal or prog. Outside of the office you can find me hunting around for a good restaurant or at a badminton session.

James Choo, Finance Manager, London

I'm a (self-proclaimed) karaoke queen, dog lover, terrible cook, and most importantly, big music fan. In my years in the music industry, I've found a love for helping amazing artists and their music thrive, and I am happy to continue to do so for all of our Merlin members.

Janely Fernandez, Member Relations and Commercial Partnerships Manager, New York

While he was raised on the beaches of Southern California, Jeremy’s role at Merlin weaves together his lifelong passions for music and technology. As CEO of Merlin, Jeremy leads a global organization that helps enable independents to own their future. Prior to Merlin, he held senior roles at Warner Music and the Facebook music team, and was a technology lawyer at Morrison & Foerster.

Jeremy Sirota, CEO, New York

Jim Mahoney is Merlin’s SVP of Member and Partner Success. He originally joined the team in 2014 to establish the organization’s North American office. An indie lifer, Mahoney's career includes roles as VP of A2IM, Board member of SoundExchange and senior executive positions at Fat Beats Records & Distribution, Roadrunner Records and Profile Records. His adult life and career can be directly traced back to the opening moments of Run-DMC’s “Rock Box”.

Jim Mahoney, SVP, Member & Partner Success, New York

Having worked in grant funding and artist management, I joined Merlin for its shared ethos of supporting and empowering independent music. Outside of work, I'm part of the composition/production duo ‘bloodmoon’, writing for clients including VICE, Al Jazeera and Tesla. I also love travel and am looking forward to tackling Everest Base Camp with my partner in 2022!

Joe Danher, Manager, Member & Partner Success, London

I began playing drums at the age of 8, later learning to play guitar, which grew my interest in music production. Most nights you will find me recording music or binge watching the latest Netflix series. I am always on the lookout for interesting music gear.

Joseph Cortes, Royalty Reporting Coordinator, London

I first heard my favorite album ‘Addicted’ by Devin Townsend at University, since then I’ve been well and truly hooked on everything he does. When I’m not in the office you can find me at the gym, on my bike or constructing some sort of crafty creation. I’m a big lover of winter sports, heavy metal and a lockdown gardener!

Katie Eckett, Manager, Business & Legal Affairs, London


Kwi Soo Shin, Coordinator, Member & Partner Success, Tokyo

I'm a creative at heart and have incorporated the arts into various parts of my personal life whether it was through picking up an instrument, singing, dropping into a dance class, or learning cinematography.

Kyle Elwin, Senior Manager, People & Culture

Trained in economics and film I somehow landed in the independent music industry 8 years ago. In Merlin I found a place where I can help the independents achieve their goals through the power of data, insight and analytics. Love a good spreadsheet, sci fi films (or any genre for that matter) and playing sports.

Marta de la Hoz, Director, Business Analytics, London

I have always had a passion for creativity and tech, in the product space is where these two can harmonise beautifully. Born and raised in South Africa, and now living on the South Coast of England. I love the outdoors and when I am not obsessing about product and processes, you will find me on the beach, pottering in the garden, or out walking the dog.

Melanie Zacks, Product Manager, Brighton (England)

Music has been a passion of mine since competing in the Welsh Eisteddfod throughout my school years. A recent university graduate eager to learn more about the industry at Merlin. When I’m not immersing myself in music you’ll find me swimming, running or with my head in a book.

Mili Payne (Royalty Reporting Coordinator), London

I moved to London in 2015 to undertake a Creative & Cultural Entrepreneurship MA, specialising in music. My first steps into the music industry were in the form of production work before a redirection into royalties and, then, music publishing. I love to write and produce music with a particular focus on various electronic and cinematic genres, whereas old school hip hop and drum and bass probably make up the majority of my listening time.

Nick Cashmore - Senior Reporting Manager

Loves creating software that deals with those issues that takes up all of your time. Can sometimes be found mudlarking on the banks of the Thames, looking for great dive spots along the coast or just searching for fossils.

Nico Loubser, Lead Software Developer, London

Started out on piano, then found my way to the cello, guitar, and drums. Began my career playing guitar for a Bollywood singer. Love scheming up new ideas to support creatives. Find me on a mountain bike or lost in a history book when I'm not in the office.

Pavan Vasdev, Senior Manager, Strategic Initiatives, New York

As an expert in the YouTube environment, I help members maximise the value of their usage of the platform and its CMS.

Quentin Martins, Commercial Partnerships Manager, London

I came to Merlin just after graduating from university, with the hopes it was the perfect place for a music label nerd wanting to make some first steps in the music industry. I’ve now dabbled in a few different roles before settling down in our Commercial Partnerships team. After work, find me at a gig (perhaps even on stage), or reading a heavy book on cultural studies.

Poppy Waring, Manager, Member & Partner Success, London

I'm a songwriter and guitarist working in the space of Royalties and Data Analytics since 2018! Previously working with Domino Publishing and Warner Chappell, I'm excited to be at Merlin and champion independent creatives. You will often find me sipping coffee in the park, watching budget horror movies or tending to my many house plants!

Rosie Reeves, Senior Reporting Coordinator

Ryan joined the Merlin business and legal affairs team in 2014 and is dedicated to helping independents achieve best in class deals. Best gig: dancing to a frenzied drum watching RATM in Lisbon, 2008. First album: Cool Runnings soundtrack.

Ryan McWhinnie, Senior Director, Business & Legal Affairs, London

Growing up in Camden Town to say that my playlist selection is broad would be an understatement. Die-hard Amy Winehouse fan (especially when I’m doing housework!) When I’m not in the office, find me getting a tattoo listening to Training day - Potter Payper.

Savannah Puleston, Global Administrator

I’m a lifelong music lover & started my music industry career at Glassnote Records in 2018 where I worked as a digital production coordinator turned project manager until April 2021. Extracurricular activities include watching old episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, cry-singing to Phoebe Bridgers’ album Punisher & ordering overpriced Thai food at least once a week.

Shannon Bradley, Member Relations & Commercial Partnerships Manager, New York

Finding identity through music one track at a time. From playing Indian classical music to discovering UK garage as a teenager, and everything in between. Can be found wandering around an arts and crafts shop or trying out a new recipe.

Shrina Patel, Director, Business & Legal Affairs, London

Trained in maths and passionate about music, I use computer programming to analyse uniquely modern data sets. Having never thought I’d work in music but loving the art form, the opportunity to help independent labels at Merlin feels like the stars lining up. I love books and films, especially the ones with phenomenal soundtracks (ex. A Fistful of Dollars, Local Hero, Spirited Away).

Tom White - Technical Data Specialist

始まり: 8年前、実務経験のない金融大学院研修生
現在: さまざまな企業グループで得た知識を持つ経験豊富な財務チームリーダー。マーリンでは、自分が情熱を注いでいる状況で数字を実行することができます。音楽の世界は他に類を見ないと言われています。したがって、学習は継続されます。旅行、ランニング、レブロンジェームズ、そしてもちろん金融について話してください。

Vincent Moyo, Head of Finance, London