The Benefits of Merlin Membership

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Merlin, the independent’s music licensing partner, strikes premium deals with the industry’s most important digital partners and makes those deals available to its members around the world. Our members include labels, distributors, artist services companies, DIY platforms, artist management, and hybrid entities. Our strength is in our global diversity – our Board, our members, our team, and our partnerships. As a Member Led, Music Focused organization, we strive to deliver more value to our members so they can compete at the highest levels.

El equipo de Merlin

  • We are a global team with offices in London, New York, and Tokyo who are regularly engaged with our members and partners
  • We are dedicated to ensuring independents can stay independent and compete at the highest levels without sacrificing the value of their music
  • We are focused on building meaningful and sustainable long-term partnerships with digital partners for all of our members
  • We communicate and advocate for the needs of our collective membership to digital partners
  • We ensure that what’s important to independents is being heard in the music industry


  • If you meet our unique qualifiers, then apply now to join Merlin
  • If you’re a member of a Trade Association, Merlin charges a uniquely low admin fee of 1.5% based on the revenues you generate in the deals you participate in (discounted from 3%).
  • No other fees to participate, and no fees to join
  • As Merlin continues to grow, the benefits to our members grow

Premium Deals

  • Our collective approach to licensing delivers premium deals to help you earn more revenue, have more engagement, and access more opportunities
  • Innovative dealmaking team who ensures that the value of our members and their artists’ rights on digital services is protected
  • Transparency into deal terms before you opt into deals, which participation is at your discretion on a deal-by-deal basis
  • Premium terms may also include:
    • Advances
    • Revenue guarantees
    • Marketing commitments (e.g., gratis ad inventory)
    • Protections against royalty reductions
    • Participate in equity in digital services
    • Breakage—e.g., revenue associated with unrecouped advances or minimum guarantees, flat fee deals, etc.—is paid to our members in a transparent and pro rata manner
  • New members typically see an increase in performance with key digital partners
  • Merlin is approached by new digital services, prior to launch, to evaluate and negotiate partnerships
  • Full access to Merlin’s thoughtfully-selected digital partners
    • Click here for a sample list of partners
    • 2020: Apple, Facebook music videos (US), Snap, and Triller
    • 2021 (to date): Adaptr, Facebook music videos (Mexico), JOOX, Peloton, SberZvuk, and YouTube Super Chat, Super Stickers and Shorts


  • Merlin acts as a bridge, not a gatekeeper, to digital partners
  • Direct access to digital partners and help connecting with the right contacts
  • Access your own YouTube CMS and Facebook Rights Manager
  • Guidance to help understand, evaluate, and prioritize platforms
  • Lean into the right opportunities by accessing Merlin’s best practices, webinars, and one-sheeters
  • Support from Merlin’s member operations team on delivery, integration, and technical issues
  • Maximize editorial and marketing opportunities with best-in class pitching forms
  • Contractual marketing opportunities are made available to members on an equitable basis
  • First in line for beta programs with partners

Data and Insights

  • Ensure Merlin members have access to the same data available to the majors
  • Benefit from API data feeds, trends data, and other data sources
  • Actionable intelligence for deals you participate in from our Insights team
  • Benchmarking analyses

Reporting and Finance

  • Experienced team that chases payments and reports, optimizes around currencies, and works to reduce negative exchange rates
  • Ensure our members are paid on the fastest terms possible with timely and consistent payments
  • Deliver raw reporting files in near real-time to members as if directly licensed by the partner

Board Governance

  • Merlin is a member-owned organization that operates like a not-for-profit. We are 100% independent and entirely funded by our members.
  • Our members’ success is Merlin’s success, so you know there are no competing agendas. Merlin’s only mission is to serve our members.
  • Our Board is elected from our membership, with every member eligible to nominate a candidate and every member having an equal vote to elect our Board
  • Our Board provides oversight, insight, and approvals

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