Merlin Welcomes Euphoria Media Group as a New Member

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Merlin is pleased to welcome 81 independent labels, distributors, and other rights-holders as new members in 2020. These new members, like all of Merlin’s membership, embody the spirit of independence. This is the second feature in a series to highlight Merlin’s new members.

In March of 2020, Merlin welcomed Euphoria Media Group, a Hong Kong-based music distribution and media company founded in 2019 that supports artists, labels, and content creators. In addition to distributing its clients content to digital stores around the world, Euphoria Media Group offers copyright protection for video and audio rights across all major user-generated content platforms, enabling its clients to maximize royalty earnings from social platforms. 

Euphoria Media Group’s content management and delivery system offers intuitive navigation to rights-holders to manage their deliveries, catalogs, and earnings. The company also offers monthly reporting, analysis, and payments via its proprietary financial dashboard, which sorts revenues by digital partner, song title, artist, label, sales type, statement period, and territory.

Since joining Merlin, we’ve become much more competitive. Merlin offers us deals, tools, opportunities, and daily support. Within our first half-year with Merlin, our song catalog increased from 500 tracks to about 20,000 tracks.

– John li, Founder and CEO of Euphoria Media Group

You can find Euphoria Media Group aquí.

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