Merlin Reduces Memer Fees

En Noticias por Merlin Team

por Tom Pakinkis 

Global rights agency for the independent label sector, Merlin, has further reduced its commercial deal administration fees for members.
As of June 1 2014, the agency’s administration fees relating to commercial deals have been reduced from 3% to 2.5%, or 3.9% to 3.25% for Merlin members who are not part of local independent trade associations. This represents a reduction of 16.67% on Merlin’s previous rates.
Due to the cost and nature of obtaining settlements and recoveries from infringing services, administration fees relating to those activities remain unchanged.
Merlin CEO Charles Caldas (pictured) said: “It is very satisfying to be able to announce another reduction in these fees after the 50% reduction we made in 2013, and we trust that this further underlines our commitment to continuing to deliver the maximum possible value to our members via our activities.”

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